James A. Daniels D. Min. LCDC

Dr. James A. Daniels has over 42 years of ministerial experience.

Pastor Jim has more than 40 years of pastoral experience

He has 31 years’ experience as a Senior Pastor.

He pastored the Greer St. COG from 1986-1999 and the Reconciled East End COG from 1999-present.

He has pastored for more than 36 years in the city of San Antonio.

Dr. Daniels served as the South Texas District of the Church of God’s, Credential Chairman from 1999-2005

Dr. Daniels served as the Texas General Assembly of the Church of God, Credential chair from 2005-2009

He is currently Chairman of the Texas General Assembly of the Church of God for the State of Texas.  

Pastor Daniels served in the US Navy as an orthopedic technician from 1972 to 1976 and received an honorable discharged from the Navy.  

In March of 1976 he received a Letter of Commendation from Captain Miles of the U.S. Navy Medical Corps for rendering emergency treatment to six Marines who were involved in an automobile accident, helping to save the lives of three

After leaving the military Dr. Daniels worked as a Psychiatric Tech., for the San Louis Rey Psychiatric Center, Encinitas, Ca.

Dr. Daniels worked for as an Eligibility Intake Worker for San Diego County Welfare Department dispersing, AFDC and Food Stamp from 1978-1980.

Pastor Daniels was certified by the State of Texas as a HIV counselor and Tester.

Dr. Daniels held licenses as Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) for the State of Texas from 1992-2004.

Dr. Daniels was licensed as a Marriage and Family Theorist for the state of Minnesota and was a member of the America Association of Marriage and Family Therapist. 

Dr. Daniels is a retired worker for the City of San Antonio, where his career spanned more than 20 years. 

During the 20 years he served as a Case Worker, an Engineering Tech., a Health Program Specialist doing HIV counseling and testing, a Program Coordinator for the Maternal Substance Abuse Program, Juvenile Site Coordinator for DUF program (federal), Clinical Supervisor for IFTP (integrated family treatment program), Child and Family Therapist and Director for SW Mental Health Center’s women and children program.

After retiring from the City of San Antonio Dr. Daniels went to work for the Baptist Children Program as a Youth Counselor in their A2A (Adolescent to Adult) program. 

In 2003 Dr. Daniels went to work for the Alfa Home (a women’s substance abuse program) as an outpatient substance abuse counselor, where he was the first male counselor hire to work for this all women’s program.

He’s a graduate of Farrell High School

He holds an AA from Palomar College, a BS in Psychology from Excelsior University, B. Min Pastoral Counseling, a Master of Ministry in Christian Counseling, and a D. Min. in Pastoral Counseling from San Antonio Theological Seminary and a Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the Guadalupe Theological Seminary.